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The only international festival of contemporary academic music in Middle Lithuania 15/11/2019 - 22/11/2019

The IŠ ARTI festival was born in 1997 out of the desire to promote the work of Kaunas-based composers and encourage relationships between Lithuanian musicians from different regions. Gradually, the modest event grew into a solid annual showcase of modern music, featuring more or less new symphonies, dances, psalms, concertos, rhapsodies, suites, conversations and lectureson history …

At present, the idea of the IŠ ARTI festival is to get acquainted, at close quarters, with Lithuanian and foreign musical trends and processes, which embrace local and foreign composers and performers of all generations. The initiators of Lithuanian premieres in the festival have been, among others, the violinist and conductor Vilhelmas Čepinskis, the pianist Lina Krėpštaitė, the Kaunas String Quartet, the Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra, and many performers from the capital city of Vilnius, including solo performers, chamber ensembles, and the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra. Thanks to several years of collaboration with the Lithuanian Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music, the IŠ ARTI festival has hosted such performers as the Tallinn String Quartet (Estonia), Antyphodes (Switzerland), the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet (Sweden), the Penderecki String Quartet and the Ergo Ensemble (Canada), Harmonies of the World (Ukraine), the Ebony Quartet (Belgium), the Amstel Quartet (Holland), and the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (Russia). The festival has featured many foreign composers, including Peter Vasks (Latvia), the multi-instrumentalist Klaus Burger (Germany), the composer of electronic music Alvi Curran (USA), Bernd Franke (Germany), Oleg Paiberdin (Russia), Paul Dirmeikis (France), the creator of sound sculptures Hans van Koolwijk (Holland), the Slovenski tolkani project (Slovenia), and the KamerYouth Choir (Latvia).

The IŠ ARTI festival does not confine itself to elite music intended for a small circle of experts. On the contrary, it strives to get closer to the listener, composer and performer, to attract audiences of various age groups and with different backgrounds, and to help contemporary music listeners develop their musical tastes. Since the inception of the festival, the organisers (the Kaunas Branch of the Lithuanian Composers Union and, lately, the IŠ ARTI Public Institution) havecarried out this mission with the help from the Kaunas State Philharmonic Society.



International Festival of Contemporary Music IŠ ARTI

Competition Regulations

1. General provisions

1.1. The aim of the Competition is to expand the repertoire of symphony and chamber ensembles, to foster the evolution of professional music in different styles.

1.2. The Organizer of the Competition is PI „Iš Arti“ (CC 302299198), within the scope of the festival (2019 11 15 – 2019 11 22).

2. Organizer

2.1. The Organizer is obliged to:

2.1.1. provide the information about the Competition via www.isarti.lt and IŠ ARTI Facebook page;

2.1.2. inform all the participants and winners about the process of the Competition;

2.1.3. award the winners;

2.1.4. indicate the composers publicly;

3. Conditions
3.1. The Competition entry is available for composers.

3.2. The Competition has no age restrictions.
3.3. By participating in the Competition, the winner grants the Organizer the right to reproduce and distribute the newly arranged composition (publish the work in score, release it on a compact disc (CD), perform publicly, broadcast, share on the Internet, etc.).

3.4. To enter the Competition, the Participant must fill in the form (DOC format) until the 22 th of April, 2019, with the following information:

3.4.1. Name, surname, year of birth, country;

3.4.2. Email and home addresses, mobile phone number;

3.4.3. a short description about the forthcoming composition (up to 300 words), preliminary or exact title of the composition, structure, year, link to the previously created composition and its’ record OR send 2 records of compositions in mp3 format.

3.5. The idea for a new composition is followed by one of the positions: symphony orchestra (position SymphoChance: 2222-4221-2perc-hrp-str (10-8-6-4-2) or instrumental ensemble (ChamberChance: 3vni-vla-2celli-pf).

3.6. The duration of the arranged composition must be 10 - 12 min.

3.7. The winner will be selected in the Competition and announced on the 27th of May, 2019. The winner of the best idea will be offered to create new composition for one of the above-mentioned positions; the prize will be awarded.

The winners of the Competition will be invited to the festival, providing opportunities to partially compensate accommodation and travel expenses (if any).

3.8. The selected participant / winner of the Competition provides the following information via e-mail  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it :

3.8.1. The score and parties of the original piece (Portable Document Format (PDF)), mp3 version;

3.9. One participant can participate only in one position (SymphoChanceor ChamberChance).

3.10. The winner of the Competition must submit the score and the required information by 3rd of September, 2019.

3.11. Entry fee – 40 eur (one-time, non-refundable).

3.11.1. The entry fee “For the Competition” is transferred to the account of the organizer, providing the name, surname of the participant, indicating the position SymphoChanceor ChamberChance.

3.11.2. Requisites:

PI „Iš Arti“, Company Code 302299198

Ukmerges str. 10-55, LT – 49407 Kaunas

Bank Account No.  LT90 7300 0101 1387 3914, Swedbank LC, bank code 73000


3.12. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude an arranged composition that does not meet, or in any direct or indirect means has violated the entry requirements and regulations of the Competition

3.13. For more information please contact the coordinator of the competition Ms. Andrijana Filinaitė by e-mail ceo@isarti.lt

4. Jury, Evaluation Criteria, Awards
4.1. The Competition will be judged by five-member panel.

4.2. The evaluation criteria of the participating pieces are: creative idea and its’ relevance.

4.3. The authors of best compositions will receive the following financial awards:

SymphoChance – 2000 Euro

ChamberChance – 1000 Euro

Extra rewards such as special prizes, diplomas, etc. might also be awarded to the Participants.

4.4. The announcement of winners and award ceremony will take place at Kaunas State Philharmonic, duringIŠ ARTI festival (2019-11-15 – 2019-11-22). The compositions will be performed at the festival.

5. Final Provisions

5.1. By submitting the application, the participant agrees with the terms of the Competition.

5.2. The Organizer reserves the right to make adjustments to these Regulations, replace the members of the Jury, as well as change its number and the award distribution.

5.3. All disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and these Regulations.

5.4. For more information about the Competition please visit www.isarti.lt,https://www.musicalchairs.infoand www.lks.lt.