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The Iš Arti Public Institution was established in 2009 on the initiative of Zita Bružaitė, the head of the Kaunas Branch of the Lithuanian Composers Union, and a group of Kaunas-based composers and musicologists. Its main activities include organising musical and art projects and cultural events and are focussed on professional art and national values.

Since the inception, the institution has been concerned with encouragement and delivery of original creative initiatives, improvement of communication between composers, performers and listeners, and stimulation of interest in contemporary art creators and their ideas. Thus, the projects and programmes involve both young and newly discovered and already famous Lithuanian and foreign composers, performers and arts experts.

Over the years of its existence, the institution has run several international festivals of contemporary music and a number of unique concerts, meetings and publishing projects, which have been implemented in collaboration with various artistic, cultural and educational institutions, concert organisations, and private individuals, including writers, artists, dancers, inter-disciplinary artists and theatre people.

The Iš Arti Public Institution provides a platform for realisation of one’s creative ideas, for adding new features to the history of Lithuanian arts and culture, and for searching and widening the circle of like-minded friends.